Friday, May 15, 2009

Team Sarah is Anti-Free Speech!

The Team Sarah website has "suspended" my membership after I posted a blog entry supporting the Palin/Prejean ticket for 2012. Apparently, Team Sarah does not share Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's support for the First Amendment and free speech. My account on Team Sarah was under the name of Thomas "T" Bagges, a pseudonym I use to avoid harassment from left-wing extremist eco-terrorist, tax and spend, big government, anti-American, tree hugging, global warming believing liberals. Oh, I left out commie pinko socialist teleprompter-needing. Sorry.

I received the following message:

You have been suspended from Team Sarah

Sorry, Thomas "T" Baggs, you can not access Team Sarah as you have been suspended. If you feel that this was in error, please email with details as to what happened prior to your suspension of membership privileges. When an account is suspended we utilize a review process with other individual members, not just moderators, who decide to suspend an account. NOTE: When a serious offense occurs or when profanity is used, we suspend membership privileges without any review. If you wish to have the suspension lifted, with the proviso that you verify your identity and agree to abide by our Terms of Use and Community Standards please email


  1. curious, but what about the post did they really suspend your account for? did they detect sarcasm or was a a few posts in a row that they deemed "suspicious"...

  2. Well, I asked for an explanation, but have not received one.
    I think it was a combination of the Palin/Prejean 2012 suggestion and a bit of Andy Borowitz's Palin-Prejean Alliance Predicted in Book of Revelation: Beauty Queens Prefigure End of Days that I included in my post.

  3. 1) They don't explain anything. They're a dictatorship, not a democracy.

    2) They have no sense of humor.

    3) Therefore they're Republicans.


    I was booted off TS 5 months ago, and I haven't missed them a bit. I was also booted off C4P, but they haven't gotten around to locking up their juiciest fruits, the commentors, to protect them from us evil libruls.

  4. I consider myself a liberal, not necessarily a Democrat. I'm very disappointed that the Republicans are not offering meaningful debate or substantive alternatives on current issues. When you immediately oppose everything, your opposition loses credibility. The ability to discern, to accept/support that which is good for the country and offer constructive criticism would serve our country well. That's what TRUE patriots would be doing.

  5. I thought that free speech just meant that the government couldn't prosecute you for what you wrote. The whole anti-free speech sentiment is too often thrown by liberals and conservatives alike. Free speech shields someone from being thrown in prison for their opinion; not from criticism (ahem, Prejean). That said, I completely agree with you.


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