Saturday, June 6, 2009

We Hike to Pasagshak Point

We hiked out to Pasagshak Point on the old road on Friday, June 5. The ranchers had done quite a bit of clearing along the road; this is unfortunate as it will increase the number of people driving, rather than hiking, out to the point. The devastation caused by the cattle is unbelievable - Narrow Cape and Pasagshak are being destroyed by overgrazing.

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  1. Hi Mike! We really enjoyed our hike with you and Stacy over Whale Fest-we hope to get out again with you two soon. That was our rogue wiener dog at Termination Point, too, for the record. I am very interested to learn about your squirrel relocation project! I have a book to pass along to Stacy, about bison, so we will hope to see you soon.


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