Friday, April 2, 2010

Protesting Sarah Palin's TLC Alaska Show

I received this message from a friend of this blog:
If any of you think it is ridiculous that Discovery Channel, whose reputation is about the wonders and beauty of wild life and nature, is sponsoring Sarah Palin, destroyer of wildlife and nature (especially wolves), to host a series of shows about "the real Alaska"  (at, I think, $1M per show) you might let the head of Discovery Communications know what you think. Google Discovery Communications and you'll see how warm, furry and green their image is.  
Go to this link and make your comment or write to Mr Zaslov, below.
David Zaslov, President & CEO, Discovery Communications,

One Discovery Place, Silver Spring, MD 20910 

Defenders of Wildlife, with whom I do not always agree at all, is mobilizing  these comments.  In this case I agree with them because Discovery needs to hear from those who know Palin doesn't speak for Alaskans.   It has also been suggested that sponsors of the show be contacted and boycotted for sponsoring it.

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