Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Ignorance Out There: My First Non-quote Post

Since Sarahcuda's visit to the Kodiak Launch Complex while in Kodiak for the UFA dinner, my Google Alert has linked me to numerous right-wing bloggers commenting on her visit.
I am astounded at the ignorance I've seen in these blogs and readers' comments.
One commenter said that Obama was incoherent when not using a teleprompter - this after 8 years of Bush's inability to speak coherently and Sarah Palin's inability to put together coherent sentences.
I've also read praise for Palin's support for Missile Defense which is ironic because MD has meant millions in pork barrel federal dollars for Alaska; yet, she's against accepting federal money for things such as education.
I don't care that someone might oppose Obama's policies or even his approach to governing, but the vast amount of stupidity out there is truly alarming. These are folks who think Sean Hannity knows what he's talking about.
Right here in Kodiak, Ted Stevens, Sarah Palin, and Al Burch receive standing ovations from a purported commercial fishing group. These three have done more to destroy commercial fishing than any three individuals I can think of.
Granted, 52% of those who voted supported Obama. I just fear the consequences for our country if the Palinites and their ilk gain any sort of power.

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  1. You aren't alone in that worry. The fact that there's a reliable 25% of voters who will go for Palin no matter what is damnably freaky.


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