Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Palin Accepts Stimulus Money After All

Just as most of us who realize just how deceptive and pandering Sarah Palin is predicted, she is accepting almost all of the federal stimulus money. "Thanks, but no thanks; oh, uh, thanks after all."
Aide says Palin will OK most stimulus funds

by Mark Thiessen
The Associated Press
Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A spokeswoman for Sarah Palin says the Alaska governor is going to accept most federal stimulus funds.

Spokeswoman Sharon Leighow says Palin is only likely to reject nearly $29 million for State Energy Programs funds because she believes it to be tied to developing a statewide energy code.

Palin had initially indicated she did not want to accept about one-third of the $930 million available to Alaska because of strings attached that would bind the state in the future.

Legislative budget leaders couldn't find those strings, however.

Lawmakers passed bills accepting nearly all funds available to Alaska. Once the bills reach Palin's desk, likely by early next week, she has 20 days to accept or veto them.

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