Monday, December 21, 2009

Pete Dexter Quotes

"From what he seen, the world conducted its business by who was there when you was talking" (sic)
p. 12 Train by Pete Dexter.

"The people doing the insulting are mostly waders, after all, and do not know what the deep water is like"  p. 124  Paper Trails by Pete Dexter

The original purpose of my blog when I first started it way back whenever was simply to serve as a repository for memorable quotes I ran across in my reading.  These quotes either help me understand the world around me in a new way or enhance my current understanding.  Often, the author has discovered a succinct, memorable way to express ideas that I am unable to articulate clearly.
Having (surprisingly) only recently discovered Pete Dexter, I am currently making my way through his books at the A. Holmes Johnson Memorial Public Library.  His writing is simple and clear with considerable depth of characterization.

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