Monday, December 7, 2009

Quite Possibly the Best Review of "Going Rogue"

Here's the first paragraph from a succinct, yet perceptive review of Going Rogue from Fiat Lux, a conservative (!) blog from Stanford.  Read the rest here. 
Info on the blog:  The Stanford Review Blog Fiat Lux is the Review's online forum for timely news, commentary, and multimedia. Insight into Stanford, higher education, and national politics. Fostering conversation between college conservatives across the country.

Going Rogue: A Complete Guide

2009 November 17
by Jordan Carr
I have been tasked (ok, I volunteered) to read Sarah Palin’s memoir Going Rogue: An American Life (not to be confused with Going Rouge), and unlike lesser news outlets such as Washington Post I did that for my review. After getting to Borders in Palo Alto right at opening time, I spent the day reading the book in its entirety and will provide some of stats, facts and things I’ve learned from each chapter in this post. I will use exclamation points because it’s all very exciting.

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  1. This ridiculous "memoir" of hers seems more polarizing to the people of this country than the election. The ignorant and ill informed love her and the intelligent people that watch more than Fox News Network are terrified she may actually run for office again. When is she going to get eaten by a bear?


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